From the Desk of R.E.D

So i guess we under new management as I attempt to put together the scattered pictures, words and thoughts in my head, into some sort of coherant working, breathing, living project. this will be the 3rd time ive used this domain for a school related project, but i doubt the last.

To me this is more than just an assignment, as honest as I can be this is a culmination of all that -ish i’ve been talking about in my quarter century of maDDness on this earth(two D’s cause i am that maDD) You get to a point where you really take examination on your life, and plot where you started, where you going and what you said. So hopefully this ‘Thought process’ will give insight into my mind and give a stronger voice to all i hold important.

Digital Journal is for Digital Writing
Digital Portfolio is for Writing for the Web (Independant Study)

So here I am& here it is…

It is one thing to dream it, its another thing to follow through with those dreams… Lets hope this thought process can deliver!

“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. “
Albert Einstein

Things to look for

my Linked by 3’s its a favourite number and 3x better than just giving you one link!

7 degrees of Sameul Jackson, i know they did a kevin bacon one awhile back, but Sam’s been in way more movies and he’s a hell of a lot cooler.

Also watch for the LEGO & Simpson reverances I’m a junkie when it comes to those things guess I got me some yellow fever.



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