Photoshop Questions (P,Q)



Why do you never work properly?
Why are there tools that I don’t know how to use? (Like)
Why do you freeze my laptop and give me the spinning wheel of death?


Why are you so complicated?
Why do I only like what others can do with you? (Like)
Why do you make new versions of yourself only to change everything I just learned?


Why are you so annoying?
Why do you make me feel like a loser?
Why do I find all the cool sites about you after I don’t need you? (Like)

To all that a competent in all three programs, yes the world is your oyster, but my fist will be your demise.


Where do I begin it’s been a troubling year and a half with you three programs. Full of up’s and downs, smiles and frowns and as much as I’ve learned from you, I’ve also learned to hate about you. Thus you get the 10 Things I Hate About You (Photoshop, Flash & Dreamweaver version)

That about sums it up.
In all seriousness Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver were all lessons in patients, time and repetition because the more you got through the tiny little steps repeat them and repeat them again, the stronger your skill set could become. the disadvantage to that is that if your don’t keep up on every new trick out there your skills demise fast, I remember coming back at the top of this semester from break and not using any programs and feeling complete inadequate in everyway trying to create something from scratch.

Luckily there are quite a few forums out there to help you cute corners, give you path downloads or walk you thorough step by step until you reach your goal. Can’t lie Photoshop, Flash & Dreamweaver have been a burden, but one I wouldn’t trade, unless I can pay someone to do all this grunt work…. ahh I can dream cant it.

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Quote By 1:
“I was the first DJ to make the turntable an instrument.”
Grandmaster Flash

New Forms Review Saves the Day

Why can’t you be like this Photoshop!?


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