Cliches are a Dime a Dozen

My Paragraph

a play on words (i have ) to the bitter end (so you better) keep it under cover
(and as you)follow your nose (don’t)get all bent out of shape (that)A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
(So we’ll) cruising the bars (getting)bloody but unbowed
stalking horse (that) hit the hay (stay close)
I got your goose. (make sure to) get your ducks in a row
(for its the) turning point (and its) dead in the water.
It is frequently more economical to be inefficient. (she says)
on ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (she goes on)
kiss off (baby)winning isn’t the only thing, it’s everything
cheer up, it’s not the end of the world

If i were to remove all the cliches id be left with:

“i have so you better and as you don;t that so we’ll getting that stay close for its the and its she says she goes on baby” makes sense to me

So if this is kind of the stuff were in store for then… imma be mad, but i doubt it is. I guess this is our chance to open up those creative juices and get them to start flowing. I guess should blow the dust of my thesaurus, not because i don’t enjoy find synonyms, antonyms and whats the third one? ahhhh….DEFINITION. No, because i use the one installed on my mac book widgets ahh technology… you’ve crippled my ability to get up and move away from the computer screen.

Airplane (1980)
Written By: Jim Abrahams & David Zucker

Chalked full of CLiCHES. PUNs and JoKES.

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So let the writing begin, i can promise its gonna be full of a lot of mutha fuckin swears cause that shit helps me be fuckin expressive with my mutha fuckin thoughts, shit. haha

~r3d l3v3l~

kareem abdul-jabbar (airplane) leslie nielsen (surf ninjas) rob schneider  (deuce bigalow: male giaolo) eddie griffin (scary movie 3) regina hall ( the honeymooners) mike epps ( soul men) samuel l. jackson

Loaded Weapon 1


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