Dynamic Drinkin’ and Drivin’

“Dynamic Drive” is the new bible, funny enough that in the technological age this bible is online. Mainly used for web based and design based programs dynamic drive aims to make the impossible look easy helping with tricks, codes and how-to’s for any user to step up their skill base.

In terms of what i would use, my technological outlook is growing so flash and dreamweaver skills are a must learn. Anyone who can understand and alter code for websites is plus i feel in the job market as more and more products take an online approach to selling, promoting and sharing.

But at the end of the day i really want to have my hands in design, i don’t know what i would be designing but to me that’s where i feel my creativity can merge with a business sense and in today’s global market you have to at least understand both sides of the coin if not able to navigate through them.

“Dynamic Drive” allows an amateur like me to at least compete with professionals on their level giving me user friendly tips and tricks to create masterpieces. We have to touch on the free source aspect of “Dynamic Drive” and other programs that i feel are giving the power back to the user. Understanding initially the internet wasn’t built for the average person but as it grows and becomes more accessible we are seeing more free source programs and “Dynamic Drives” helping and sharing, instead of capitalizing on that user.

Its like hackers converging on a forum sharing information for other hackers….  hacker you say.. that was a good movie…. hmmm

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