Freedom of Speech, For Blogs Sake

When we talk about free source programs this site might have the best amount for users to waste their time with. Not to mention hours of fun  just looking through the maddmess people have created. these are fun, little links that can be added  to you blog.

The Blog Generator states
“This blog is not about those machines used to change mechanical energy into electrical energy. It’s about software that creates software. Software to play around and have fun with.”

and thats exactly what happens here you can find a multitude of software from cool to the absurd and back again. With so much to choose from your best bet is to pick a random letter and start clicking. A lot of it is trial and error as some of the sites have expired but amoung all the dung you can find some cool gems, and some crazy stuff

Just some of those crazy blog were….

A. ction Figure
basically a dress me up ken doll with weapon accesories

V. irtual Poetry
this is a visual image, word based generator

E. ygptian Name
Here you can see what you name looks like in hieroglypics

N. un
gives you different names of ruler waving nuns that you’ll be taking a beating from

G. raffiti Creator
This is a prettey cool graffiti based generator that allows you to choose your writing style and background you want to tag.

E. vil Clown
For those  with fears of clowns this helps perpetuate those fealing of fear, creating the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and  hair of your evil clown oh crap i almost made Pennywise!. * flashback to my childhood watchin IT (click that if you dare)

R. eality Show Premise
This is a random generator that gives you reality tv show idea, that are really out there, you can go from “gastrointestinal iceberg” to “sellout lane”

S. elf Wrist Cutting
For the sick at heart who always wanted  to know what it would like like to carve a phrase in your arm, here you go.

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~r3d l3v3l~

uma thurman( the avengers) sean connery(rising sun)wesley snipes(demolition man) sandra bullock (crash)larenz tate (a man apart) vin diesel (xXx) samuel l jackson – (freedomland)

bonus linked by 3:
what 3 things do uma thurman and samuel l jackson have in common

1. Marcellus Wallace

2. The Avengers & The Avengers

3.(click me)

For the love of yellow Avenge my death

First Church of Springfield
From the Mouth of Bart Simpson


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