I Used to Remember… Google Maps.


The process of these Google Maps were more challenging than I initially thought. At first i was thinking it, this was just a point and click project, but as the project progressed it became a more in-depth program full of more options. Which subsequently became a little more overwhelming learning that there was more you could do with the program. This was a new way a writing for me, as there was a constant reminder of a location when a point was placed. This changed my writing style giving me a higher visual dynamic of where my characters were going and who they were meeting. When setting is established it helps change the focus of the writing.


I am still having some problems transferring my project into dreamweaver but i think that problem can be easily remedied with some more time on dreamweaver. I wanted to make photoshopped pictures, giving the whole story a black and white, noir style feel to it, to help sell the emotion of story but i couldn’t figure how to embed the pictures onto the map without first having them on a website, so that became irritating. In the future i could see using Google Maps to accompany a blog site. With much more planning I feel Google Maps can be something more of an appetizer instead of a main course, it could help place a physicality to words on a page and or screen and stylized them.

I admit at first my non-linear story was not fully developed but as the story progressed ideas and new paths became to unfold, just like a mystery the places, actions, and events of this fictional story began to take shape in this real world. I really don’t know if this story has a solid end or beginning, or at the very least a strong narrative that will carry the reader from point to point. It is far from conventional but i think that was the point for this project, in any case there is a lot of middle and that usually where the fun in a story happens.


I embedded my write-up in Maine, which is the title characters name and also gives the indication that this was the Main chunk of the project, and I just think it is always a cool idea when a small town private eye heads out into the unknown world. Much like my experience in Griffith. So my story plays out as private eye trying to build pieces of a case he has no business being in. Chasing a woman he has no business chasing, following leads that are more outrageous than the last leading him all over the world. There is some assembly between South America and Southern Asia but there is really no set format on how your should read this story.


My favourite part was translating the story into the language of the country the private eye was in. Originally i was going to leave you with that language without the English translation, making the story even more or a head scratcher but changed my mind when i couldn’t figure out to embed a translator onto Google Maps. I choose a lot of southern and distant countries places I have never been and would love to go, but if the language is any indication of what the country is like i need to brush up on my skills.

Here it is – Which Way Did S.H.E Go?

Compared to Facebook or MySpace, Google maps can be used as a new free based new technology. Another creative tool used for people to express their ideas, and opinions in their own innovation.

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