Memes The Word

pictures created for purposes of the internet  

Whats in a Meme, apparently everything cause without my knowledge these pictures have been all over my cookies. in forums, on blogsite, in facebook and search engines. who knew the difference a name makes, who knows when they started although i think they started taking off when those non motivational posters started making its way around.  

Unmotivational Posters  would be where meme gained their popularity but memepool is where the best of the best play. but now a language has been built out of this and sights now use memes as their focal points. 


That would be considered as normal as a meme can get…  

there are a set of rules to this new internet language,  so much so that there are even blogs about when good memes go bad. which have such great rules like however are the other side of the memes  


more beaker memes  

What happens with Samuel L. Jackson meets LEGO

and my personal favourite Samuel Willis Meme  

linked by 3:  

Top 10 Internet Memes  


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~ r3d l3v3l~  

7 degree circle  

(the man) eugene levy (splash) john candy (cool runnings) leon (above the rim) marlon wayans (requiem for a dream) jennifer connelly (higher learning) michael rapaport (deep blue sea) samuel l. jackson (the man)  


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