RebelLion (R)

The power of one dread and his REBELLION

When you think about it always come down to one. One person, one thought, one idea, and that’s where this all will begin with one, me. Id like to say that my life has been consumed with many ideas and light bulbs that have worked out for me but that isn’t always the case, I  mean you have to fall in order to pick yourself up, and I’m real good at falling.

But for every bruised knee, broken bone, and bloody nose there is a time where I fly. This is one of those times. My idea was to encompass a year of work into a portfolio that I could use for my calling card. Not a bad idea, but far from where i’m flying. What it turned into well… cant give away the entire story just yet now can I…

..But I will say this everything I have done there is a purpose, a reason for it being where it was, written the way it is and presented the way I did, I believe everything happens for a reason, I’m just banking on that this reason will pay off dividends.

Quote By 1:
“It is my belief, you cannot deal with the most serious things in the world unless you understand the most amusing.”
Winston Churchill


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