Signed Sealed So Don’t Steal (S)

Although copyright work isn’t what it used to be, you have to protect your ideas at all cost, you never know who might be listening let alone stealing your ideas right from under you. As a creative mind you have to protect your ideas, dreams and products until you get properly compensated for them. Who knows which one of these golden nuggets might pay out for me, and I don’t have the time and money to get involved in lawsuits and there are no guarantees ill even win. I’m no Sophia Stewart ha! 

Linked By 6:

Internet CopyrightLaws (pdf)– All the rules and regulations you would need.

PoorMan’s Copyright (which doesn’t really do much)

(10) Myths About Copyrighting- “If it doesn’t have a copyright notice, it’s not copyrighted, “It doesn’t hurt anybody – in fact it’s free advertisng.”

DIY Copyrighting – Teaching you how to place your content online URLs into Copyscape. It’s a free search engine that takes the URL you supply it and content analyze it.

Watermarking  (2)-This is the art of putting a logo\ symbol or just a big F Off don’t steal me symbol on top of your picture. This is where Photoshop helps works for you.

10 Ways to Prevent Theft Online – Things like: Hiding the Images, Auto-Slice the Image or Browser Based Images

Quote By 1:
“Only one thing is impossible for God: To find any sense in copyright law on the planet.”
Mark Twain

—– r3d—–

Speaking of stealing images dreams i’m salivating at the prospect of watching Christopher Nolan’s new movie which I predict will be a box office smash “Inception” so here’s a free plug for what will be a great movie that I will be watching in IMAX


(Little bit of the same set up with the last two posters)

With Inception being one of the summers best kept secrets leading up to its release date, audiences now understand some of the genius that is Nolan. If you watched the last clip you can see some of the roles revealed and just how much of a Mind F**K this movie is really going to be!

Leonardo DiCaprio \the extractor
Ken Watanabe \ ?
Joseph Gordon-Levitt \the point man
Marion Cotillard \the shade
Ellen Page \the architect
Tom Hardy \the forger
Cillian Murphy \the mark
Tom Berenger \ ?
Michael Caine \the teacher
Lukas Hass \ ?

Oh so glorious…


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