LEGO Arguement 1ne

LEGO is ageless is its construction and limitless in its abilities. Being to keep a child’s imagination growing. Unwavering in its concept every “play” is new and different. Its maturity has no bearing on its commercial success with advertisements still relevant today.

1) Originally aimed for the child LEGO has proven to be a household hit. But as generations grew and moved on more and more found the lasting power of LEGO’s and their ability to find joy in the oldest of patrons. The LEGO brand is 70 years old with no signs of slowing. Sets for young children are compatible with those made for teenagers.

2) “Play on…” means so much more for LEGO lovers than any other product. As this a product that changes every time a brick is clicked into place. Facts are there are

  • There are 62 LEGO brick for everyone of the Earths 6 billion inhabitants
  • 5 billion hours a year are spend with children playing LEGO
  • 7 LEGO sets are sold be retailers every second around the world
  • More than 400 million people around the world have played with LEGO bricks
  • More than 400 billion LEGO bricks have been produced since 1949. Stacked up its enough to connect the Earth and the Moon ten times over
  • LEGO World Records

This is a toy that encourages you to go against the manual, I remember flipping over the box on a LEGO set and seeing all the different things you could make instead of what was just on the front of the box. Or combining two sets to make something on even grander scale. The play factor of LEGO is large as you can build up. As it transcends the boundaries of an average toy, keeping the child’s, teenagers, and adults imagination moving and growing.

Play on also helps to continue the legacy that LEGO has established. Borrowing from its Danish leg godt =LEGO means to play well, and founder Ole Kirk Christiansen discovered that it could be translated into “I put together”.

3)It is unheard of for any product in its “senior era” to still have s advertisements that are still as relevant, and effective as its inception. LEGO is one of few in this class to not only still be around but still able to call back its core message from decades earlier.

For advertising there must always be a message to be sold to the consumer something that can be bought into. Most products it is a promise that does not always deliver on its guarantee, whatever that may be, a better life, a stronger attraction to the opposite sex, a fountain of youth. For the most part the advertising is that little white lie to help consumer believe in a guarantee that ultimately can never fully be fulfilled.

LEGO brand on the other hand can and has delivered on its consumer promise. That it is more than a toy it is a way of life and that way of life is determined by you, the builder. “Play on..” accentuates the companies core values: creativity, imagination, learning, fun and quality.

 LEGO construction is not only limited to building bricks, it extends even to advertising, taking simple concepts to portray powerful images, a statement that LEGO has used for 70 years. This print ads help show that it’s not the toy it’s the imagination that continues to be built.











This same message continues in their television commercials.




If the commercials are still true to this day, then the product must be as well.


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