LEGO Arguement 3hree

LEGO is the only iconic product that continues to further its reinvention without compromising its originality.

Iconic doesn’t sum up how much of a dent LEGO has made on culture the past 70 years. Consistently reinventing and adapting itself to more and more products. With over 400 billion blocks sold LEGO’s lasting power proves infinite.

LEGO Sets include:

  • LEGO City
    LEGO Space
    LEGO Castle
    LEGO Pirates
  • LEGO Aquazone
    LEGO Wild West
    LEGO Time Cruisers
    LEGO Ninja
    LEGO Adventures
    LEGO Rock Raisers
    LEGO Studios
    LEGO Alpha Team
    LEGO Racers
    LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts
    LEGO Dino Attack
    LEGO Agents
    LEGO Vikings
    LEGO Power Miners
    LEGO Atlantis
    LEGO Exo-Force
    LEGO Minifigurese
    LEGO Jack Stone
  • LEGO Ferrari
    LEGO Williams F1 Team
    LEGO Ben 10
    LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants
    LEGO Indiana Jones
    LEGO Batman
    LEGO Toy Story
    LEGO Prince of Persia
    LEGO Avatar: The Last Airbender
    LEGO Harry Potter
    LEGO Star Wars
    LEGO Spider-Man
    LEGO Mickey Mouse
    Even when licensing its brand to other established ones, the LEGO does not loose its self in their counter part.
  • LEGO Duplo

  • LEGO Technics

  • Even lending itself out to games

    LEGO Bionicle
    LEGO Alpha Team
    LEGO Batman
    LEGO Battles
    LEGO Chess
    LEGO Creator
    LEGO Harry Potter
    LEGO Knights Kingdom
    LEGO Digital Designer
    LEGO Drome Racers
    LEGO Friends
    LEGO Indiana Jones 

  • The themepark, the conventions (2) (3),  the love, the love, the love

This is a toy, a product, a brand that continues to reinvent itself and reintroduce itself to a larger audience. Its lasting power undeniable, it creativity unparalleled, and its fun factor never ends, and if it does you can just destroy and rebuild. like the Death Star… and you don’t even want me to get started on the LEGO Star Wars phenomenon.. If you don’t believe that that LEGO is pop culture defined, imagine the world without it? God Bless it…


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