LEGO Essay Introduction

“People should learn how to play Lego with their minds. Concepts are building bricks”
Vitorino Ramos

LEGO is definitely a labour of love for me, but why and how are great questions to examine a toy that has spent 70+ years on the shelf, in your homes, and in the bottom of your toy box. I intend to prove that LEGO not only has become a identifiable part of pop culture but the quintessential product that so many can identify with. For me LEGO is beyond a toy its a way of life and this essay intends to show you just how indepth these little bricks have gotten through the years.

So where do we begin?
How about some definitions.

LEGO is defined as:

“(Group Games / Games, other than specified)™ a construction toy consisting of plastic bricks and other standardized components that fit together with studs”


As listed by Urban Dictionary:

  • A toy for people who like to think for themselves. One of the largest toy companies in the world with an annual turnover of billions of dollars. Lego is Danish for “Play Well” Lego is Latin for “I Put Together” LEGO’s brand recognition is the same as that of the Disney Company
    by: John Ronane
  • interlocking plastic building toy
    2. something that should be done to eggo waffle
    by: trumpy 13

Pop Culture is defined as:

Pop Culture
“Contemporary lifestyle and items that are well known and generally accepted, cultural patterns that are widespread within a population.”


As listed by Urban Dictionary:
Pop Culture

  • The cultural phenomenon that facilitates the definition of words on the internet. Pop Culture simply denotes a widely accepted group of practices or customs. Goths, preps, youths all are parts of it’s’ embodiment, but so are you/we, internet users who slander others on websites. Nearly anything on television. Books on bestseller lists. top grossing movies. As well as their respective countercultures.
    by: William Beaman
  • Pop culture, short for popular culture, describes the lifestyle and tastes of the majority of mostly younger people. Music by people like Britney Spears and Hillary Duff are examples of pop culture, as is emo and prep. Pop culture changes with the youth of the world. Lindsey Lohan is part of pop culture, and so were the Beatles, swing and opera, back in the day.
    by: Just Eat It
  • A contraction for “popular culture”, this is more or less a collection of cult movie quotes, figures and dirty jokes that have been found funny by audiences worldwide, now crucified by over-use from teenagers and fat people with greasy T-shirts. The pop culture killers have typically seen just about every movie you’ve ever heard of and know all the quotes. They will worship the sources of their material as if they were some religious book. Deeply offended when criticised, and will use insults from their movie collection. Ezekiel 25:17 was cool until the kiddies started watching Pulp Fiction and everyone knew it.
    by: Kung-Fu Jesus
  • Brainwashed Zombies who Deserve to be stoned to death
    by: Brother Number One

  • LOL @ all the teenybopper definitions.
    The guy who said they need to be stoned to death got it right.
    By: Fuck This Shit

With that being said onto  my first argument.


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