I Used to Remember… Google Maps.

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The process of these Google Maps were more challenging than I initially thought. At first i was thinking it, this was just a point and click project, but as the project progressed it became a more in-depth program full of more options. Which subsequently became a little more overwhelming learning that there was more you could do with the program. This was a new way a writing for me, as there was a constant reminder of a location when a point was placed. This changed my writing style giving me a higher visual dynamic of where my characters were going and who they were meeting. When setting is established it helps change the focus of the writing.


I am still having some problems transferring my project into dreamweaver but i think that problem can be easily remedied with some more time on dreamweaver. I wanted to make photoshopped pictures, giving the whole story a black and white, noir style feel to it, to help sell the emotion of story but i couldn’t figure how to embed the pictures onto the map without first having them on a website, so that became irritating. In the future i could see using Google Maps to accompany a blog site. With much more planning I feel Google Maps can be something more of an appetizer instead of a main course, it could help place a physicality to words on a page and or screen and stylized them.

I admit at first my non-linear story was not fully developed but as the story progressed ideas and new paths became to unfold, just like a mystery the places, actions, and events of this fictional story began to take shape in this real world. I really don’t know if this story has a solid end or beginning, or at the very least a strong narrative that will carry the reader from point to point. It is far from conventional but i think that was the point for this project, in any case there is a lot of middle and that usually where the fun in a story happens.


I embedded my write-up in Maine, which is the title characters name and also gives the indication that this was the Main chunk of the project, and I just think it is always a cool idea when a small town private eye heads out into the unknown world. Much like my experience in Griffith. So my story plays out as private eye trying to build pieces of a case he has no business being in. Chasing a woman he has no business chasing, following leads that are more outrageous than the last leading him all over the world. There is some assembly between South America and Southern Asia but there is really no set format on how your should read this story.


My favourite part was translating the story into the language of the country the private eye was in. Originally i was going to leave you with that language without the English translation, making the story even more or a head scratcher but changed my mind when i couldn’t figure out to embed a translator onto Google Maps. I choose a lot of southern and distant countries places I have never been and would love to go, but if the language is any indication of what the country is like i need to brush up on my skills.

Here it is – Which Way Did S.H.E Go?

Compared to Facebook or MySpace, Google maps can be used as a new free based new technology. Another creative tool used for people to express their ideas, and opinions in their own innovation.

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Forget Me Nots – Movies where characters lost their minds or made you lose yours.

(memento) joey pantoliano (the matrix) keanu reeves (johnny mnemonic) dolph lundgren (universal solider)
ed o’ross (full metal jacket) vincent d’onofri (the cell) dylan baker (changing lanes) samuel l jackson (the long kiss goodnight)


Cliches are a Dime a Dozen

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My Paragraph

a play on words (i have ) to the bitter end (so you better) keep it under cover
(and as you)follow your nose (don’t)get all bent out of shape (that)A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
(So we’ll) cruising the bars (getting)bloody but unbowed
stalking horse (that) hit the hay (stay close)
I got your goose. (make sure to) get your ducks in a row
(for its the) turning point (and its) dead in the water.
It is frequently more economical to be inefficient. (she says)
on ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure (she goes on)
kiss off (baby)winning isn’t the only thing, it’s everything
cheer up, it’s not the end of the world

If i were to remove all the cliches id be left with:

“i have so you better and as you don;t that so we’ll getting that stay close for its the and its she says she goes on baby” makes sense to me

So if this is kind of the stuff were in store for then… imma be mad, but i doubt it is. I guess this is our chance to open up those creative juices and get them to start flowing. I guess should blow the dust of my thesaurus, not because i don’t enjoy find synonyms, antonyms and whats the third one? ahhhh….DEFINITION. No, because i use the one installed on my mac book widgets ahh technology… you’ve crippled my ability to get up and move away from the computer screen.

Airplane (1980)
Written By: Jim Abrahams & David Zucker

Chalked full of CLiCHES. PUNs and JoKES.

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So let the writing begin, i can promise its gonna be full of a lot of mutha fuckin swears cause that shit helps me be fuckin expressive with my mutha fuckin thoughts, shit. haha

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kareem abdul-jabbar (airplane) leslie nielsen (surf ninjas) rob schneider  (deuce bigalow: male giaolo) eddie griffin (scary movie 3) regina hall ( the honeymooners) mike epps ( soul men) samuel l. jackson

Loaded Weapon 1

Freedom of Speech, For Blogs Sake

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When we talk about free source programs this site might have the best amount for users to waste their time with. Not to mention hours of fun  just looking through the maddmess people have created. these are fun, little links that can be added  to you blog.

The Blog Generator states
“This blog is not about those machines used to change mechanical energy into electrical energy. It’s about software that creates software. Software to play around and have fun with.”

and thats exactly what happens here you can find a multitude of software from cool to the absurd and back again. With so much to choose from your best bet is to pick a random letter and start clicking. A lot of it is trial and error as some of the sites have expired but amoung all the dung you can find some cool gems, and some crazy stuff

Just some of those crazy blog were….

A. ction Figure
basically a dress me up ken doll with weapon accesories

V. irtual Poetry
this is a visual image, word based generator

E. ygptian Name
Here you can see what you name looks like in hieroglypics

N. un
gives you different names of ruler waving nuns that you’ll be taking a beating from

G. raffiti Creator
This is a prettey cool graffiti based generator that allows you to choose your writing style and background you want to tag.

E. vil Clown
For those  with fears of clowns this helps perpetuate those fealing of fear, creating the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and  hair of your evil clown oh crap i almost made Pennywise!. * flashback to my childhood watchin IT (click that if you dare)

R. eality Show Premise
This is a random generator that gives you reality tv show idea, that are really out there, you can go from “gastrointestinal iceberg” to “sellout lane”

S. elf Wrist Cutting
For the sick at heart who always wanted  to know what it would like like to carve a phrase in your arm, here you go.

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uma thurman( the avengers) sean connery(rising sun)wesley snipes(demolition man) sandra bullock (crash)larenz tate (a man apart) vin diesel (xXx) samuel l jackson – (freedomland)

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For the love of yellow Avenge my death

First Church of Springfield
From the Mouth of Bart Simpson

Memes The Word

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pictures created for purposes of the internet  

Whats in a Meme, apparently everything cause without my knowledge these pictures have been all over my cookies. in forums, on blogsite, in facebook and search engines. who knew the difference a name makes, who knows when they started although i think they started taking off when those non motivational posters started making its way around.  

Unmotivational Posters  would be where meme gained their popularity but memepool is where the best of the best play. but now a language has been built out of this and sights now use memes as their focal points. 


That would be considered as normal as a meme can get…  

there are a set of rules to this new internet language,  so much so that there are even blogs about when good memes go bad. which have such great rules like however are the other side of the memes  




more beaker memes  

What happens with Samuel L. Jackson meets LEGO

and my personal favourite Samuel Willis Meme  

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7 degree circle  

(the man) eugene levy (splash) john candy (cool runnings) leon (above the rim) marlon wayans (requiem for a dream) jennifer connelly (higher learning) michael rapaport (deep blue sea) samuel l. jackson (the man)  

RebelLion (R)

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The power of one dread and his REBELLION

When you think about it always come down to one. One person, one thought, one idea, and that’s where this all will begin with one, me. Id like to say that my life has been consumed with many ideas and light bulbs that have worked out for me but that isn’t always the case, I  mean you have to fall in order to pick yourself up, and I’m real good at falling.

But for every bruised knee, broken bone, and bloody nose there is a time where I fly. This is one of those times. My idea was to encompass a year of work into a portfolio that I could use for my calling card. Not a bad idea, but far from where i’m flying. What it turned into well… cant give away the entire story just yet now can I…

..But I will say this everything I have done there is a purpose, a reason for it being where it was, written the way it is and presented the way I did, I believe everything happens for a reason, I’m just banking on that this reason will pay off dividends.

Quote By 1:
“It is my belief, you cannot deal with the most serious things in the world unless you understand the most amusing.”
Winston Churchill

Understanding Varieties of Characters (U,V)

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    The Natural Blends (T)

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