References, Links and Thank U’s


Course Resources
Matt Hills (2005) ‘Defining: What is Culture?’ from How To Do Things With Cultural Theory, London:Hodder Arnold, 11-29

Michael Peter Smith (2002) ‘Power in Place:  Retheorizing the Local and the Global’ in John Eade and Christopher Mele (eds) Understanding the City: Contemporary and Future Perspectives, Malden: Blackwell, 111-129

David A Hardcastle and Patricia R. Powers with Stanley Wencour (2004) ‘Discovering and Documenting the Life of a Community in Community Practice, New York: Oxford University Press, 145-171

David Picard and Mike Robinson (2006) ‘Remaking Worlds: Festivals, Tourism and Change’ in David Picard and Mike Robinson (eds) Festivals, Tourism and Social Change: Remaking Worlds, Toronto: Channel View Publications, 1-31


Thank U’s

Amanda Parris – for all of your help and letting me take what you’ve help  start and letting me put my own twist on it. I hope for nothings but the best with The Remix Project, and this little project can open even more doors for your school.

Jason Nelson – If you happen to stumble up upon this page and read all this work i’ve done for my Dynamics class you may want to bump my already high standing mark even higher. In case you don’t ever see this page let this be the easter egg page, and i’ll say the inspiration and drive you have re-instill in me is above and beyond any thanks I could give.

Patricia Wise – Teacher or not you’ve proven to be a valuable source of wisdom, patients and encouragement without i would have never made it as far as i did and (fingers crossed) graduate this semester. Words could never describe the amount of influence your words mean and have meant through my days in this crazy, crazy world.

i have to admit this has been one crazy journey
and im glad I made it out alive
here’s hoping my name
makes the paper
(for non-criminal related reasons)

Thank you.


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