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Yellow Moons, Orange Stars & Red Suns, Imagine.

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The image map was a different project, the technical aspect i could wrap my head around, that made sense. I can understand code and imputing it (thanks to dynamic drive) where to put it so that i could get a pop up roll over on my html page. It was when it came to the creating writing part where i could see i had some trouble. Basic idea present two pictures alter them and give an opposition outlook from a to b. But what do i talk about? That was the real task for me, cause i had no where to go, often people find it harder to complete tasks with less structures and rule than with it, and in this project i was one of them. To be honest i don’t even know what i wrote about, and i guess my mark will reflect that. That’s where i wish we had a little structure if you had asked us to right about shoes, or socks or flip flops ( i don’t know why i’m on about feet?)

cause i kind of lost the point of how portray that creativity, literally and as cliche as it sounds i was at a lose for words. I think i ended up doing some sort of rhyme rap but at the end of it i wasn’t as confident of satisfied with it like i was my Google map. In terms of creative writing id love to tackle this project again with any random topic as a source for inspiration to write about. In terms of the code and the roll-over pop ups i feel that this is something i could use again in other projects.


Power of the moon x3

Pink FloydDark Side of The Moon

Perhaps given the topic ‘Eclipse’ would of been the better sell… for this sun and moon theme, but i like ‘Money’ and maybe i’m not the most in depth fan of Pink Floyd but i know what i like and i like this… hopefully you will too.

I just re-listened to ‘Eclipse’ its pretty fuckin’ good, but all these albums are worth their waiting in good, green or whatever substance material you feed your vein’s or vanity.


Kid CudiMan on the Moon : The End of Day
Maybe it would make more sense to give you a song like ‘Day ‘n’ Nite’(Nightmare)… With the whole play on words, puns and cliches but thats lazy writing isn’t it.

Plus when an album earns you Best Album of 2009, its hard to do wrong. Here is a personal favourite off the album produced by Kanye West…..


The BraveryThe Sun and the Moon

Well after lookin’ at the track listings ‘Bad Sun’ seems like the right connection…. wrong I became a fan of The Bravery when they fist dropped the single ‘An Honest Mistake’ after that is was all up hill.

This though ‘The Sun and the Moon’ might just be my favourite album of theirs with great songs like ‘The Ocean’, ‘Time Won’t Let Me Go’ and ‘Bad Sun’… it doesn’t get better than this one….

(extra sun).. 2 good for 2 many reasons


Power of the sunx3

Written By: Alex Garland
Starring : Cilian Murphy, Chris Evans & Mark Strong
About –

500 Days of Summer
Written By: Scott Neustadter & Michael H. Weber
Starring : Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel & Geoffrey Arend
About –

Sunset Park
Written By: Seth Zvi Rosenfeld & Kathleen McGhee-Anderson
Starring : Rhea Perlman, Fredro Starr & Terrance Howard
About –

(extra moon) … its on my must watch list.

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Moon Sign Calculator

~r3d l3v3l~

chris evens (the losers) columbus short (cadillac records) gabrielle union (10 things i hate about you) joseph gordon-levitt(miracle at st.anna) derrick luke (biker boyz) terrance howard (ironman) samuel L jackson



Xtra\normal Un\credible

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Ok I really didn’t like the way this project was set up so will get out of the way what was ok. The technology was pretty cool for setting up blocking and camera angles and i sent it to my director friend and he seemed to take to it.

Ok here’s the problem its not about creating dialogue or the program itself its that i have to download that to use it to its full extent, now this would be fine with me if we weren’t in a country who’s internet connection isn’t of the utmost credible or attached to a school who didn’t charge you money out the pocket to use it. Maybe this is a theory they need to adopt in australia from the west, if you already paying upwards of 20,000 to go to school, plus the money to live, maybe internet should be free. Who is this net check and why am i dumping hard earned boozing money to him?!, i mean they already have restrictions on the sites i can view, but how can you even do that if I’m paying for the internet if i wanna waste my I’ve paid you on blog sites reading up on why Griffith sucks i should be able to, cause the fact is if i want to download anything its a large amount of cash that anywhere else would be free. So cool for you teach finding a new program that is some what cutting edge. But i already signed up and payed for this class so not cool for …. oh ran out of Net Check!

Check Net Out – RobotUni

My design reminded me of the non pixar animated movie “Robots”, and to be honest i dont know why i didnt watch it, from the same makers of Ice Age and i watched that series way longer than it needed to go. Robots did have the all-star cast these 3danimationapadatations bring in, gettin families on both side of the coin bright colours and slapstick for the kids and adult humor and sub context for the adults, married with an allstar cast. Well in case you diddidn’t see it,


I did however just watch Team America Fuck Yeah! Man puppets weren’t this funny since The Muppet Show, they could use a reboot right about now, Frank Oz needs some pay checks right about now unless Star Wars is doing another pre-prequel with a planet full of ewok’s and yoda’s. Back to Team America¬† theres no better place to start than with Matt Damon.

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Here goes my [7 degrees of Samuel L Jackson] animation version.

matt damon (titan a.e.) john leguizamo (ice age 2) jay leno (robots) james earl jones (lion king) whoopi goldberg (toy story 3)
wallace shawn (the incredibles) samuel l jackson