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Mmm-mmmm, That is a Tasty Map

Posted in Digital Journal with tags , , , , , , , on June 24, 2010 by J.J.

The mind map experience was pretty fun, i have to admit and reading everyone,s take on the topic would drastically change, and the story would start to take on its own journey with everyone,s little piece added. But it really added a different dynamic to writing were used coming up with a beginning middle and end on out own, not having so many inputs from so many directions.

I think this could be used for a lot of things like advertising, and creative writing but i think formatted better i think this could be well utilized for group job interviews. The employer places an idea out there and each applicant can branch out with their own ideas on how to improve or help with that idea.

This project was kind of like those “Choose Your Own Adventure Books” (list of books) Where you would read and choose which pages to jump to depending on where you wanted your character to go.

Much like what Mad Libs did for the Noun, Verb and Adjective (not to be confused with rapper Madlib), mind maps do for the create planner. If that doesnt work for you try this “Story Generator” of “Wacky Web Tales”

Or like the age old geek-like-friday-night-indoor-junk-food-eating-pimple-women-repelling-ultimately-rulers-of-the-world-game… (Take a Guess)

When you look at it this is Mind Mapping at its best, starting off with one idea and then letting others join in the maddness your mind has made. If you don’t believe me ask James Franco aka Carlos..

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