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Website, Woes, Moans and Swears

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Website Woes 

As per usual when launching a website your bound to have more problems to work out before its as smooth as you want it to be. At first just choosing a topic seems to be an issue but that quickly was remedied. I chose animal testing for two main reasons: 

1) I’m a Michael Vick fan and i thought he got the raw end of the stick where P.E.T.A was concerned. Yes he did wrong, it was unthinkable to treat animals this way. But were talking about a southern culture that embraces this as a sport wrong or not its true. And its not so much the crime, he did wrong i can see that, but i don’t for a second believe that punishment suited the crime, drug dealers have gotten less jail time than Vick, but i digress. At least dude got some practice, maybe worked on his Longest Yard ? (burt reynolds) it beginsssss 

2) this site was going to be(and eventually with the right re-tooling) was going to be the jump off platform for my “M. is Monkey” comic, having a propaganda site dedicated on the progression of animal testing, would help lead into this poor monkey getting tested on …. (look for the M. post) 

Brief Overview: 

All the content was original and was tongue in cheek about the importance of animal testing in the community. I went as far as to have Mr.T as a spokesperson for the organization. I think adding Mr. T gave the right amount of humour i wanted to the project, especially when I had him saying “I pity the fool who doesn’t endorse animal testing!”  Not following in the steps of P.E.T.A & Stop Animal Tests, I am dedicating my website to the fight FOR animal testing. 

“Who are we not to test our animals.” 

Using P.E.T.A as a jump off point my website is designed to encourage those to want animal testings. S.E.T.A (Standardized Examination Tests on Animals) Focusing on standardized testing the pages are divided by animals. 

  • Homepage
  • Rodents (Rats, Mice)
  • Household (Rabbits, Cats, Dogs)
  • Cattle (Cows, Sheep, Chickens)

Urging the public to want to test our animals more with Literacy Tests, Multiple Choice and Essay Questions. There will be “government” issued sample questions, and the new S.E.T.A issued scantron. 

The Extra tabs will be 

  • Advertising
  • Links
  • Social Network (link It)
  • Merchandise
  • F.A.Q

Each page will include an information on why set animal should be tested regularly. 

loading of images
again at the beginning I was having problems uploading gif’s but after some trial and error, I managed to get the images the size and placing I wanted. Then i was having trouble loading the html’s onto filezilla, and when opened nothing would load into the browsers… yea that problem never really got fixed. 

I spent more time linking other pieces to the website to help enhance the message of whatever page it was on. I feel that went over the best, as it was a comical contrasted website at least that was the hope, so anyplace i could stick in a joke or a link to a funny picture, i was all about it. 

i said fcuk, siht, dman, during this process oh sorry for the typos fuck shit damn. swearing usually only happens when things are going wrong, lucky for me that happened a few times on this project. 

i thought this project was fun but time consuming when it came down to imputing the different code and transferring pictures to the website. I spent a majority of time using photoshop and dreamweaver cohesively to get the website up. Again the worst problems happen after the project was completed with uploading, and reloading and neverloading.


~r3d l3v3l~ 

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