The Remix\Rework Festival: Essay

For 3408 HUM Dynamic & Cultural Change.

The Remix\Rework Festival

Development of idea

The idea is to take those steps and create a festival based around those who have graduated from that The Remix Project and showcase their talents in a three day festival. Because the name of the program is called The Remix Project, the festival will be titled The Remix/Rework Festival “Understand where were going, by embracing where we’ve been”. There are many different groups that could be represented in this festival as well as communities that with different interests so it is important not to exclude any age group when honouring the past present and future.

Wherever the members of any group, small or large, live together in such a way that they share, not this or that particular interest, but the basic conditions of common life, we call the group a community. The mark of a community is that one’s life may be lived wholly within it”

Bringing people closer together with this festival will allow the community to feel more united, to feel more connected, to feel proud to be associated with an organization like The Remix Project. The Remix\Rework Festival will reach out to the rest of the community to give a stronger level of support. This importance of this festival is to celebrating the hard work and success stories of graduates in The Remix Project, and expressing their gratitude to the communities that have inspired them to do great things.

I think The Remix\Rework Festival is necessity in the community, society has already labeled these children the bottom rung. To come from that feeling and rise up and push through the expectations is just a good feeling for that child, for that parent, for that community. It is a level of joy that I don’t think you could properly gauge. To take it to the next step and hold a festival that not only honours you as a graduates of The Remix Project but trusts in those talents learned to create a festival on a regional scale, is monumental.

Community Dynamics (Push and Pull)

I can honestly say the objective for this festival was communication. For me The Remix Project is one of Toronto’s best kept secrets, or a resource unused and that is the exact opposite you would want for an organization like this. So having their name in the street, something branded could help progress this project further than it it.

By increasing the amount of awareness for The Remix Project this organization can use community support to create a stronger level of validation. Community involvement as always earned its share of recognition whether it be media, marketing, sponsorship, funding and ultimately government endorsements.

I think the power of word is the most underrated skill, we forget that we were children of the struggle, with massive amounts of our parents protesting, fighting for freedoms and civil rights our fathers and mothers helped changed this nation to be where we could create Remix Projects. For the people, by the people. We are quick to forget how strong our words are, that governments have risen and fallen on our breath. Let this festival be no different if we are truly to harness the spirit of the past, then we must use this time to create a social commentary of the government that is falling short on us.

“ In different historic contexts, festivals, carnivals and public ‘play’ have always been politically uses to mediate rapid change and to re-embed modified social realities in forms of symbolic continuity. Most major social crises ruptures or revolutions in human history have been accompanies or closely followed by festive event or period. “Pg. 6

Challenges \ issues of notice

I don’t know if I’ve touched on this topic as much but we are all quick to forget that The Remix Project is educationally based. It is a new progressive curriculum that has proven its worth, with 120 capable and talented graduates already out in the world, the system works, and this is a system of education that was constructed based on the necessity for it. I mean when was the last time a school board has sat down looked at its curriculum and said ‘you know what this is what the children need lets change what we have’.

Its ground breaking the amount of time, patients and genuine wisdom it took to create such innovative curriculum like this, and then have such strong statistics to support its merit. With the spotlight of a festival attention payed to the organization, to the staff, to the graduates and what is going right with the community. Especially when the festival is planned, and operated by those in the program, how could you ignore the obvious value to your community?

Regeneration is the most current term used in the West to describe a process of addressing decline within deprived communities and specifically the post-industrial urban decline that is being experienced all over the western hemisphere.”

We can consider The Remix Project a form of regeneration on education, from a system of education that has failed these children. The staff have literally breathed new life into a school aimed directly at formulating a six month plan with students and helping them reach those goals.

Reflections (i realized I should have….)

I realized i should have paid more attention to the funding aspect of this project as groundbreaking as this organization is they are not as financially stable, to continue making a such a difference in the community. The connection to community has to have a financial tie, which seems cheap but necessary in this current state of inception. As much as we all want to believe in the current system of education our children are getting, our government has not appropriated the right investment in seeing these futures.

These are kids already falling through the cracks based on a number of excuses formulated by a government not concerned. You can say its the child, you can say the parent, the teacher, the school, but all those roads lead back to a government who is failing its community and losing its best resource, its children.

Money matters, it matters big time when a program is proven successful and cannot continue to flourish because of finance, then the community donation needs to be a priority. More attention was placed on the festivals growth and the graduate community connection but not enough on the financial side was taken into consideration.

Future thoughts \ Opportunities for..)

At the end of the day I feel this situation is about culture. The culture of an organization that believes in its innovative education, the culture of the failed student who finds the motivation in a new school, the culture of a government who may not be able to find the appropriate finance to keep organizations open. It all stems back to the social community you stay in.

pg 19 “…people in every society possess their own culture.”

It it programs like The Remix Project that have embraced students differences and allows them to express those cultures in an educational context and give them an outlet to express that. We can only hope our government can see value of these programs and strive to build on what they are already fighting for.


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