The Remix\Rework Festival: Project Proposal

For 3408 HUM Dynamic of Cultural Change.

Project Proposal
The Remix\ Rework Project

Historical Perspectives

The Remix Project is a non-for-profit youth program that acts as an incubator for youth 16-22 in the Toronto Area. Established in September 2006 the cultural, economic and social impact has already exceeded expectations. The Remix Project has been receiving awards and accolades since it’s inception.

Running for almost three years now, the program has successfully graduated close to a 120 young people from diverse backgrounds and situations through it’s programs who have gone on to comprise the backbone of Toronto’s burgeoning urban cultural and lifestyle industries. Young people aspiring to start careers in the urban arts sector drive the program by developing personal plans for success over six month period.

This program is driven by the students and facilitated by The Remix Project staff. Their best help is to guide and provide the support and encouragement a student would need. Catering to the student, scheduling how they want. asking each student primarily “Where do you want to be in six months?” Then together they work together to develop a plan of action to get the student to the goal they’ve decided is best. Despite all these successes for the young people and cultural industries of Toronto, The Remix Project itself approaches a state of crises. Nearly half of its funding came through the direction of research from National Crime Prevention Canada (NCPC). Deemed a success by NCPC and even worthy of replication in other cities around the country, they are unfortunately unable to continue to fund any project past its initial “pilot” and “research” phase.

Add to this the fact that the program’s lease is up at their current location come August 31st with no chance for renewal (the building is being torn down to make way for new condominium developments) and the need for community support for the United Nations award-winning, mayor’s community safety panel priority, life and technical skills program is major.

The Current Situation

The Remix Project is an arts, cultural and life skills incubator serving young people across the GTA but located right in the heart of Toronto. Depending on where you need help, or advice, The Remix Project sets students up with an industry mentors. Working to help vulnerable young people in the city to realize their own creative and business-minded potential while working to strengthen their obvious talents.

This is an established and admirable company so the change in the community is already evident with their sixth semester already in progress. The idea is to take those steps and create a festival based around those who have graduated from that The Remix Project and showcase their talents in a three day festival. This festival would be a culmination of all that the students have learned in six months: in essence it is their graduation celebration.

The Big Picture

Holding a Festival that honors graduates of The Remix Project as well lets them use host their talents for the community, and earning community support, encouragement and funding.

Wanting to use The Remix Rework Festival as a platform to reach out to the community. Students will plan, create and showcase original material. Keeping a strong focus on those who inspired them to create those works, remixing and reworking past greatness, helping visitors understand the past (the inspiration), the present (the festival) and the future (the artist). Educating there community about the necessary for a stronger connection with student, graduates, industry professional, government and the community.

Communication Objective

The primary communication objective for this proposal is to use The Remix Rework Festival as a platform to reach out to the community. By increasing the amount of awareness for adults and teenagers about an organization that is giving back to its community through its children, with more awareness in the local community the more support for The Remix Project. With a stronger community involvement, marketing can be turned to receiving a stronger level of government support, sponsorship and funding. Teenagers who are considered at risk youth will begin to see that there are organizations out there dedicated to helping them in their success.

The secondary communication objective for this proposal is to identify the need for more innovative education. With a festival planned, created and operate by The Remix Project graduates we can see a program worth we can get confident in producing.


The Remix Rework Festival promises to create a message of
“Understand where were going, by embracing where we’ve been”

Primary Target Audience

The primary target audience for this festival includes both male and female (50:50) teenagers, adults and elders aged 15-79 who have an outstanding interest in their community and any positive projects that will propel their community forward.

The majority of these students attend either high school or post secondary school, work or are retired. Because the range of levels of maturity and interests the festival must hit this target within their maturity levels, making reference to their insights on music and art, as well as their intelligence. For some they are learning new life experiences, and shaping their views of their communities, it is important that we show them the history of where they came. As other have a life full of life experiences we must show them that their future is safe with the new sights and sounds being produced in The Remix Project.

There are many different groups and communities available within all of these ages that have many different interests so it is important not to exclude any age group when this festival is honoring the past present and future. Bringing people closer together with this festival will allow the community to feel more united, to feel more connected, to feel proud to be associated with an organization like The Remix Project that has their best interests in mind.

As The Remix Project targets “at risk youths” to give a stronger direction in their own lives, The Remix Rework Festival will target the rest of the community to give a stronger outpour of support . This proposal will focus on the importance of festival celebrating the hard work and success stories of graduates in The Remix Project, and expressing their gratitude to the communities that have inspired them to do great things.

Primary Target Audience
Characteristic Minimum Data


Male and Female

high school or post secondary school, trade school, or none

Marital Status
Single, Married, Separated, Divorced, Widowed

All creeds and colours

All colours and creeds

Enjoys Music, Art or Merchandise

Student, Professional, Retired

Live with parents/guardians, friends with spouse, or on there own

Principal language spoken at home
English, French, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish, Polish, Tagalog, Tamil, Greek, Russian, Arabic

Primary influencers
Peers, Family, Community, Media

Why a Festival could help The Remix Project


  • The Remix Project (staff, students & graduates)
  • the community
  • government
  • industry professionals
  • sponsor
  • media


The Remix/Rework Festival – This festival would be a culmination of all that the students have learned in six months: in essence it is their graduation. As students showcase original material there will be a strong focus on those who inspired them to create those works.

A three day event that progresses and builds on top of the last day. A celebration of music, art and business shared with the community. A great opportunity for those graduates to build on what has already been a great portfolio. This festival WILL be run, produced, and designed by the graduates as their final project.

With the motto “Understand where were going, by embracing where we’ve been” it is a statement that will literally fuel the festival as the days past events will flow into its successors the following day. The music of day one, will be the ambience of day two’s art, which will be available for purchase at the market on day three. So quite literal the events of the past are being embraced in the near future.

Yonge-Dundas Square – Here is where the Recording Arts graduates will showcase their Remix\Rework project. At the intersection of Yonge Street and Dundas, a population intersection of Toronto. As part of its ‘revitalization’ project this square has been used for music concerts, film screenings and other public events.

Royal Ontario Museum – Here is where the Creative Arts graduates will showcase their Remix\Rework project. Canada’s largest museum of world culture and natural history with art from Africa, Asia, Europe and Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) helps solidify Toronto’s multiculturalism, located on north of Queen’s Park on the corner of Bloor Street and Avenue Road.

Kensington Market -Here is where the Business Arts graduates will showcase their Remix\Rework project. Bordering College Street, Spadina Avenue, Dundas Street W and Bellevue Ave this block is one of Toronto’s most multicultural and distinctive neighbourhood downtown.

Since two of the locations of this three day event (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) take place outdoors the festival would be better suited for a spring or summer month. This depends on if there are two graduating classes in a year and when those semesters end. Plus there is the possibility of celebrating on a long weekend which could add another day to the festival.

The Remix Project has already created a great product, that has earned its share of minimal success, on a local community level. But with the addition of a festival The Remix Project could earn regional or even national success and support. Toronto is already a focal point to monumental festivals such as: Caribana, Summerlicious, Nuit Blanche, Cavalcade of Lights, Taste of the Danforth, Winterlicious, Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto Downtown Jazz & Blues Festival, & The Terry Fox Run to just name a few. That has earned a national media and success, that The Remix Project could benefit from.

Even as a minimal change that would make ripples,this festival is the giving back to the local community creating an even that not only recognizes its young talent, but pays homage to those of the past that helped influenced the music, art and businesses of today.


Well it has started with me, but now my idea moves to you…

“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” Tupac Shakur


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