The Remix\Rework Project: Initial Planning

For 3408 HUM Dynamic of Cultural Change.

Initial Planning Report
The Remix\Rework Project

The Remix Project is a non-for-profit youth program that acts as an incubator for youth 16-22 in the Toronto Area. Established in September 2006 the cultural, economic and social impact has already exceeded expectations. Young people aspiring to start careers in the urban arts sector drive the program by developing personal plans for success over six month period. As a model of successful “at-risk” youth and adults partner and are given the tools and experience needed to change their own direction.

This program is driven by the students and facilitated by The Remix Project staff. Their best help is to guide and provide the support and encouragement a student would need. Catering to the student, scheduling how they want. asking each student primarily “Where do you want to be in six months?” Then together they work together to develop a plan of action to get the student to the goal they’ve decided is best.

Depending on where you need help, or advice, The Remix Project sets students up with an industry mentor. A knowledgeable and supportive staff consisting of industry professionals, ready to guide students through the process of recording an album, starting a business, or becoming a professional artist. A 4,800 sq. ft. facility, with a full recording studio, business development centre, visual art lab, video editing suite & more to offer the right amount of guidance and feedback to each student’s process.

This is an established and admirable company so the change in the community is already evident with their sixth semesters already in progress. The idea is to take those steps and create a festival based around those who have graduated from that The Remix Project and showcase their talents in a three day festival. Because the name of the program is called The Remix Project, the festival will be titled The Remix/Rework Festival “Understand where were going, by embracing where we’ve been”. This festival would be a culmination of all that the students have learned in six months: in essence it is their graduation.

As students showcase original material there will be a strong focus on those who inspired them to create those works, for example if their is a singer she might credit jazz and rock for inspiration and more specifically take notice to Billie Holiday and Jimi Hendrix. Remixing and reworking past greatness, helping visitors understand the past (the inspiration), the present (the festival) and the future (the artist)

The Remix Project and The Rework Festival

These three locations have distinct identities when describing Toronto, and they all hold commonalities to each field The Remix Project offers. These landmarks are some of the cities best kept secrets, much like those who have earned success in The Remix Project, there is a certain mystic and historic value offered by each place.

Categorized in three area students will participate in their field of study
Recording Arts:

  • Recording Artists
  • Recording Engineering
  • Mixing Engineering
  • Music Production

Creative Arts:

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Digital Photography
  • Web Design
  • Video

Business Arts:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Management
  • Event Promotions
  • Publicity/Pr
  • Preparing for the entertainment and cultural industries

Categorized in three days these would be the venues for the festival

Yonge-Dundas Square Here is where the Recording Arts graduates will showcase their Remix\Rework project.
At the intersection of Yonge Street and Dundas, a population intersection of Toronto. As part of its ‘revitalization’ project an entire block was demolished of commercial buildings to make space for the public in 2002. This square has been used for music concerts, film screenings and other public events. It also speaks as a (discussion piece) as it is surrounded by many commercial properties and advertising. a nice parallel to New York Times Square.

Royal Ontario MuseumHere is where the Creative Arts graduates will showcase their Remix\Rework project.
Canada’s largest museum of world culture and natural history with 40 galleries with more than six million items it is the fifth largest museum in North America. With art from Africa, Asia, Europe and Canada, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) helps solidify Toronto’s multiculturalism, located on north of Queen’s Park on the corner of Bloor Street and Avenue Road. originally operated by the University of Toronto (UofT) the ROM is now an independent institution but still shares resources with UofT

Kensington MarketHere is where the Business Arts graduates will showcase their Remix\Rework project.
Bordering College Street on the north, Spadina Avenue of the east Dundas Street W on the south and Bellevue Ave in the west, this block is one of Toronto’s most multicultural and distinctive neighbourhood downtown. The well known market has become a National Historic Site in 2006, containing eclectic shops, cafes, and other attractions, it is a place that is best traveled on foot.

Issues to further Research

Funding – might be the most important hurdle to overcome as this is a non-for-profit company to hold a 3 day festival of this magnitude will definitely take sponsorship of large corporation

Permits of Locations – Only two of these locations are publicly owned but all function with numerous vendors, sell-ors and merchants daily so to excavate them for a weekend may prove challenging. As well as clearing with the city the use of these areas for a festival, as well as clearing with the city the use of these areas for a festival, cleaning security, liquor and food.

Dates – Because they are three distinct levels of classes each needs its own individual day, so the weekend is ideal but a long weekend is even better suited.

Venues(Exhibits) – Although the locations would be set in Yonge-Dundas Square, ROM and Kensington Market there must be more offered to visitors whether it be food, merchandise, exhibits or entertainment, catering to that individual class

Scheduling– because this is a festival celebrating those who have learned to master their craft, organization is quite possible the most important skill to be showcased. These students are entering the world with the spotlight shining on them and them alone so if every piece isn’t a oiled machine, that first impression can be wasted on lack of organization.

Network – This is the best opportunity to invite industry professionals to see you in your element and make a connection and possibly earn yourself a job,

Graduates – This event will be run mainly by the graduates of The Remix Project, so it is important there are enough graduates and content to continue a 3 day festival.

Royalties – (use of likeness, music, names, works of other artist) – Because the festival is built around representing artists of the past that have inspired, the use of their likeness, product or work comes into question.

Weather – Two of the venues are located outdoors, so weather must be taken into account


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