What didn’t Make the Flash File

Unfortunately when you risk big you have chance of losing big, not that every loss isnt a lesson its just that. For what I was trying to pull off did not come as close to the high expectations I had. With that being said lets see where I went wrong. Over planning might have been a big problem not being able to simplify a good idea and run with it


its says “fresh fruit, but that comic still being prouduce is known as Natural Blends”

Orginally I wanted a multi-level flash site to show off three areas of my blueprint plans for taking over the world.
the first the red print this is where I would show case my Red Rebel Inc Cartoons that you’ve read so fondly about. 

Next was the green print, where you would get a chance to see my profession side business plans, resumes, cv’s, disclaimers etc.

Lastly the blueprint where my Digital Writing assignments would be showcased at a click of a button.

But as you can see its didn’t happen like that… at all.
I guess when we dream big and don’t plan accordingly there is major downfall.

I had a big spiel about how the blueprint is he foundation for everys uccessful company, that each level represents a different side necessary to a company the business, creative and personal. That nothing was built without first measuring and making sure everything was in the right place, but if I couldn’t event put down a solid structure who am I to build?

any who heres some of the pics that didnt get to be put in the right home.


Man this could of been glorious….. correction IT WILL BE GLORIOUS… imma just say this site is under construction!

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